Biometrics — 5 creepy or amazing products areas?

Biometrics — When will it stop being mostly creepy?

Lets have a look at some interesting areas product examples of stuff that is here, or will be soon!

So CES 2016 is now wrapped up and the big question is how smart, smart really is and when will anything useful go beyond my TV and wrist?

  1. Sports bra 2.0 — Here’s OMBra. When science and fashion get together they deliver the perfect fitness partner(?) What about this line; Know when to push (
  2. Can you fake attraction? If you’re not excited then this dating app will know! Once has integrated its technology with the smart watches and Fitbits and will check your pulse to if you’re actually aroused (
  3. Psychotherapy treatment? Danish iMotions have developed a Biometric Platform and they have revealed that their product is being used for example with Clinical research & psychotherapy. And how to better “identify the level of psychological arousal during exposition or relaxation trainings as well as the success of the therapeutic intervention.
  4. Are you sure that’s not my finger? M2SYS is being touted as a “Key Player” on the scene. And of course much is being developed to be used as identification system and KYCs but other areas they’re focusing on is; Healthcare Public Safety Workforce Management Voter Registration.
  5. Enter the Tobii Experience. Games, advertising and assistive technology devices. There are some cool potential when it comes to the use cases for eye-tracking softwares and devices.
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