On Non-Solution Ideas
Chidozie Akakuru

Many of such are present today. I’ve been working on how to mobile improve predictive text dictionaries with AI. Well, I came up with a couple of ideas. I thought to myself why I couldn’t check the meaning of words right within my chat. I mean, people exchange words all the time, so if I have to exit that environment just to know what someone is saying, that reduces my user experience, even if it’s not necessarily the fault of the app. I shared this with a couple of other students and started researching on it.

2 days ago, I was chatting with a pal and one of my text turned blue while typing. Now I know that generally, blue indicates a link. I didn’t see it but my subconscious picked it up. I tried the same text again “Submit” and it turned blue. I clicked on it and the definition of that word rolled up in my chat without me having to exit it. Google was already developing it but it is limited to only a few texts. I was perplexed. That’s not the first time I’ve thought of ideas months or weeks ahead before seeing them being implemented by large corporations.

So indeed, we just have to see how the experience can improve, and there lies your innovation.