3 Reasons Why Building a Personal Brand is a Necessity in 2017

“Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room.”
- Jeff Bezos

What would that be about?

Realizing what makes you special and unique is the first step of building a personal brand.

What do you stand for? What makes you different from the rest? It can be a hobby, a passion, an interest.

In fact: ANY interest can be something to build your personal brand around, as long as it represents YOU. Your identity. Your beliefs. Your values and aspirations.

Your personal brand has to breath YOU.

Now, if you haven’t figured out what YOU means: Don’t worry. Experiment around. Try new things. Travel. Move to another place. Read books. That’s how I did it. I experienced ‘the real me’ when I first traveled to Madrid to study abroad and bought my first self-help books on Amazon.

You’ll soon realize that there is something which you are passionate about.

Anyway, just like the most successful businesses thrive on their brand name, individuals should realize that a strong personal brand can do the same job.

Let’s look at 3 reasons why building a personal brand is a necessity in today’s marketplace:


Think about it.

How lucky are we to be born in this social media era? Do you think personal brands had a high chance of succeeding 100 years ago? Hell no. Only the smartest, wisest and most diligent people stood out. There is no better time to live in right now to build your personal brand.

Social media made it possible to connect very quickly with the people we feel a genuine connection with. People who share similar interests, hobbies or passions. And shared interests equal opportunities. And opportunities lead to potential success in life.


In this world, professional credibility is critical in achieving success in your specific industry.

LinkedIn, for example, provides a great platform where you can tell a lot of great things about yourself.

But is that enough?

People want to see that you can do what you say you can do. Credibility is build through actions, not words.

By living up to your personal brand - either through blogging, vlogging or making podcasts - your target audience gets to see the ultimate proof.

Actions always speak louder than words.


By building your personal brand, you differentiate yourself from 80% of the people who don’t.

Looking for a job? If you think your resume will do it, you’re wrong.

Here are some stats:

The average time US recruiters spend looking at your resume is 6 seconds.

Your brand is one of the biggest weapons in winning over that new job title. Great brand, no resume: no problem. Great resume, no brand? Welcome to position 178 on the stack of three hundred similar resumes.


Building your personal brand is critical for your success in 2017. Put yourself out there. Create stuff. Market stuff. Sell stuff. Lead stuff. Make your brand.

It will open doors for you. Opportunities will arise.



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