Why You Should Produce More and Consume Less

Isn’t it remarkable that most of our society consumes far more than it produces?

But why is that?

I’m going to summarize the answer:


As simple as that.

The way our human brains evolved is based upon survival.

That’s why our brains are so focused on preserving energy: in case of a life-threatening event, it wants to make sure that there is enough mental energy to stay alive.

So what do people like consume?

  • Television / Movies
  • Media / News
  • Social Media
  • Food

The problem is that most of these sources are totally useless. They won’t bring you forward. They won’t help you achieve your goals.

I started to cut out all these influences a few months ago and it feels amazing.

Don’t get me wrong:

Of course, you need food to survive. And of course, it makes total sense to consume a good blog post once in while.

But you see, I only consume these things when I’m that they will bring me forward. This can be by eating healthy stuff, reading articles or books related to your industry, etc.


Although it may not feel like it, producing is just more fun !


I think, the trick is to really re-condition your mind that producing is more fun.


Because again, we are lazy by nature. Producing requires attention and mental effort. Our brains don’t tend to like these words.

It comes down to resetting our program. Make it a habit to produce a piece of content per day. Whatever it may be: a painting, a blogpost, an essay, a video, etc.

Make sure that is something that you’re passionate about. This will facilitate the whole process since it won’t feel like a ‘hard work’.

“Producing is food for the soul”

But how do we start to produce?

Let me share 2 things that helped me:

  1. Reading books

Try to make the switch from television to books. Reading books will inspire you to create, I’ll guarantee. It opens your mindset, gives new perspectives and allows you to decompose it into your own thoughts.

2. Going for walks

This may seem simple, but it’s very effective. I go for walks for 20–30 mins by myself without any influences (music, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.) I just walk and observe. New ideas will arise for producing new things.

Deep down inside we all want to add value to the world. Producing stuff, as a result, makes us happier.

When we expose ourselves to too much bad — and often unnecessary — influences, we tend to feel more stressed, anxious and depressed.

It’s time to produce more, and consume less.