Postponing C

I wanted to finish reading the K&R C book and build an interesting project to cement what I learned, I had read up to the sixth chapter (included), and was enjoying it, but I feel that until I have the time and motivation to build something non-trivial using the language, I’m not going to get much more from it than what I’ve already learned, so for now I’m going to skip the last two chapters and get started on Sedgwick’s Algorithms, for which I have already thought out a capstone project.

My lack of motivation stems from pragmatism, I would need to invest a whole lot of time to build something interesting and I don’t really have anything in mind that calls for the use of C, plus, since my focus right now is web development, there isn’t much practical gain in learning C more deeply.

I had thought of a few projects that felt interesting enough: building a small compiler, a limited database management system, doing something with Arduino, but those feel too big for the time I have, so if I get any interesting suggestions I might change my mind, for now, it’s on with Java and algorithms it seems.

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