Great overview, but I find that evolutionary image to be very misleading, especially to new…
Ferdy Christant

Hello Fredry

Thanks for reading the article, I find your comment very valuable, in terms of maturity I agree the image may not make a lot of sense, but in terms of “evolution” what I am trying to walk people through in this article is how the way of writing CSS has evolved dramatically from the way we used to do it back in the days, to this new trend of blending js with css.

I do agree that the technology is not mature enough yet (that’s why the standing man is naked perhaps, jk 😂) but it’s showing signs that will stay and become a powerful alternative to build UI faster as it’s perfect for reusability.

I must say that as of now, SC only work in React-like environments, though Ember and Web components support may be feasible at some point.

Imo, whether to choose or not a technology depends entirely on the project, given that, as long as you have a well defined architecture that makes it easy for you and your team to contribute to; does not matter if you choose what-ever tools make you and your team more productive.

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