How a small bricks and mortar business in Australia called Perfection Chocolates uses Periscope

Why we use and love Periscope!

Whether it’s showcasing our chocolates and sweets, talking to customers or tackling customers question. Periscope has offered endless opportunities to enhance the chocolate experience via Live Video both for the customer and for Perfection Chocolates as the business owner.

We are embracing Periscope to run daily/weekly/monthly Q&As to get close to our customers and grow an audience hungry for interaction. We ask our followers what are they looking for in the next chocolate or sweet.

Live-streaming has expanded our reach beyond most social media platforms as anyone on the web can watch. Also, watchers can share to their followers in real-time, meaning that your live video has the potential to go viral. With aid of our scopes are now available forever.

Perfection Chocolates and Chocolate Johnny has deepen the connection with our audiences/customers by using this live streaming app. We tell our audience to ask questions about what we do, who we are and what we make. the response is fantastic. We feel so connected to our audience. More than any other live streaming app.

Chocolate Johnny uses Periscope to show fans, followers and customers something more than a Facebook, instagram or twitter post. We use Periscope to give behind-the-scenes, take viewers on a virtual tour of our factory, store or showcase our chocolates at an event.

We love using it and watching the hearts climb up the screen and reading peoples comments it gives us such a chocolate buzz.

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