a break.

We all know that life isn’t cotton candies. Even if it is, it may cause you diabetes, which is terrifying. So, is life terrifying? Well……….

Living in a fast lane isn’t also cotton candies. It’s exhausting, sometimes it has the ability to drain people’s mental stability. People with their luxury of staying in five-star hotels every month isn’t always enjoy bathing in the jacuzzi, they might as well crying with a bottle of vodka in their hand, trying to forget what’s bugging them. I once heard a person said that we should make money from what we love. Little did we know a while after we started it, sometimes what we love might be the reason of problem.

Some people liked what they do, but what makes them dislike it? I guess it always comes back to my one and only theory: life happens. Back in elementary school, I used to love everything in pink. Back then, I felt the most beautiful when I wear pinky things. But I was a fugly fat-ass kid, with my everyday routine of being called as ‘swollen elephant’. When I jumped or even when I walked pass by my friends at school, they made a shaky move as if there was an earthquake. Not after that, I loathe pink. I thought pink could make me feel better, but it didn’t. So, I forgot about pink and found other colors instead.

Sometimes, it’s okay to lose our passions. Perhaps they’re just there as our life experiments, or perhaps they’re our main thing but you just get tired of it and you want to take a break for a while.

I took a break, even just for a day, and I heard my mental health says “Thank You”.