How to Plan a Wonderful Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are the epitome of romance and, from a wedding planner’s perspective, are enormously exciting. There are so many options for winter wedding themes! Gleaming gold, deep jewel tones, shimmering silver, or Ice Queen white, are only a few decorative schemes I’ve used for planning weddings in winter.

Photo: [Alison Conklin Photography]

No Half-Measures

Whatever season you choose to wed commit fully to your theme otherwise it will fall flat, leaving you disappointed and your guests underwhelmed. Personally, I love the luxurious look of all-white winter weddings. Far from feeling cold and impersonal, using small lights around the venue and a variety of flowers and textures will give your wedding a gorgeous designer feel.

Winter weddings are not a time to be timid. Cold days and dark nights call for dramatic glamour so give your guests a spectacle they’ll adore.

Winter Wedding Venues

Consider not only your guests’ comfort in your choice of venue, but also the practicalities of getting there. An elegant country house at the end of a long winding driveway may be fantastic in summer, but if a massive winter storm washes that drive away, then your dreamy country venue could quickly become impossible to reach.

Ensure your venue is warm when you arrive. This may mean hiring some warm air heaters and arranging for them to be switched on early enough to take the chill off, so speak with your venue about what they allow. Your heating can’t be all or nothing; you need to be able to adjust it. Things will start to steam up once the dancing gets underway and you don’t want to swelter. Be aware of older buildings which can have random cold pockets and drafts that could make guests experience very uncomfortable.

Light and Flowers

Lighting is super important for a winter wedding. Talk to your photographer about what will work best in your venue. Candles look beautiful and provide a warming glow, but you will need more than candlelight for any photographs taken by your photographer or your guests to look good.

You will quickly send your wedding budget skyrocketing if you have your heart set on flowers that are out of season. Talk to your florist about the effect you want to achieve and how much you have to spend, and they can suggest ways of making this happen. Decorative twigs and greenery entwined with fairy lights is an easy way to create beautiful chandeliers and centrepieces.

Photo Credit: Make Be-Leaves on Weddbook via The Bridal Detective

Winter Wedding Dos and Don’ts


● Think about your guests’ comfort when choosing the venue. If it’s drafty, then bring in extra heating or if that isn’t possible, provide throws and wraps for female guests.

● Indulge the senses with colour, fragrance, and flavour.

● Have contingency plans for inclement weather, including photography locations and an alternative route to your wedding venue.

● Greet your guests with the option of a warm drink as well as a cold one.


● Skimp on food. Guests always eat more at a winter wedding.

● Leave your guests hanging around for ages between the ceremony and reception.

● Panic about the weather. There’s nothing you can do about it so once you have your back up plans and insurance just go with nature’s flow.

● Be afraid to be bold with colour and decorations.

There’s nothing we don’t know about planning a winter wedding in London so get in touch with Perfectly Planned 4 you today and we’ll chat weddings!

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