We’re Flipping Crazy about Wedding Pancakes

It’s impressive that just a few simple ingredients can, in the right hands, be transformed into something as delicious as pancakes. If you are planning your wedding menu or looking for a way to treat your guests, these golden discs of fried batter will be happily devoured whether you offer large lacy crepes filled with fruit and chocolate or mouth-sized coins topped with savoury goodness.

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Pancake Canapes

Thick fluffy pancakes are the ideal base for tasty canapes your guests will adore. Blinis are made using buckwheat flour and yeast to give a delicious taste that is the ideal partner to a mound of glistening black caviar, or why not experiment with potato pancakes and smoked salmon, or paper-thin wonton style pancakes wrapped around flavoured Asian inspired fillings.

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Crepe Station

A crepe station is perfect if you are having a low-key garden style party reception with food trucks serving your guests, or if you want to forgo a formal sit-down dessert in favour of something more fun. Hire a professional to make fresh crepes in front of your guests and allow them to choose their own range of fillings from options like sliced banana, chocolate spread and gooey marshmallows.

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Sweet Desserts

Crepes and pancakes are a tasty option for dessert. They work well in all seasons as you can top them with whipped cream and berries in spring and summer, or decadent chocolate syrup when the weather is colder. They also work wonderfully with ice-cream and sprinkles, or stacked and drizzled with syrup.

As an alternative to large crepes, give your guests skewers and mini American-style pancakes so they can create pancake skewers with goodies like fruit, marshmallows and flavoured sauce.

Pancake Wedding Cake

A pancake wedding cake will certainly give your event the wow factor. Light-as-feather crepes are spread with chocolate, cream, or the filling of your choice, and stacked high to great effect. Leave the outside unadorned like a naked cake or coat it in glossy chocolate ganache for a dessert that is a feast for both the eyes and the tastebuds.

Savoury Picnic

Pancakes are the perfect pick-me-up for guests who are flagging after hours of partying at your reception. Revive tired dancers with crepes filled with cured ham and oozy cheese, or rolled up with bacon and eggs or bacon and maple syrup.

Dosa is an Indian pancake made from either chickpea, lentil or rice flour. They are a delicious gluten-free and vegan offering on your menu that will delight any guests whether or not they have specific dietary requirements.

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Be Creative

Pancakes don’t all have to be round and golden. Because they are made from batter, they can be cooked in any shape you like. You can also colour them or add things like chocolate chips or fruit to the batter to personalise them further.

Get in touch with us for more clever ideas about surprising your guests in the best possible way. We love nothing more than helping couples turn their wedding dreams into sweet, stylish reality.

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