What Type of Bride are You?

Have you always dreamed of drifting down the aisle of a summer wedding in a full white dress, or does your perfect day involve leather with your lace? Take our quiz to find you whether you’re a traditionalist at heart, or you prefer to dance to the beat of a different drum.

  1. What is Your Dream Wedding Venue?

A. Historical country house with open fires and acres of private garden

B. Rooftop terrace with sweeping city skyline views

C. Luxurious five-star hotel with hot and cold running waiters on tap

D. Nightclub

2. What are the Most Important Criteria for your Wedding?

A. Date

B. Location

C. Dress

D. Budget

3. What is the soundtrack to your wedding?

A. A harp soloist for the church and pre-dinner drinks with a 1940s band after speeches followed by a DJ so you can keep everyone happy

B. A gospel choir at the ceremony followed by a DJ at the reception — it’s slightly alternative but not too shocking

C. A string quartet in the church with a rock and roll band for the reception because it’s a good mix of traditional and fun

D. A mariachi band to play you down the aisle, and your band at the reception — you and your other half love singing together

4. What is your ideal wedding decor?

A. Elegantly white with crystal embellishments

B. White and silver with vibrant hot pink accents

C. Glittery and gold — the more sequins, the better

D. Personal and eclectic, with family photos and mismatched centrepieces

5. What does your perfect wedding dress look like?

A. A white ball gown with a lace bodice and train

B. A fitted mermaid sheath with beautiful beading and a veil

C. You’re having two: a princess line white gown for the church and photos, with something short and shimmery for your reception

D. You have had your grandmother’s 1950s wedding dress altered

Mostly As — you have had the perfect white wedding planned in your head since you were a child and can’t wait for it to become a reality now that you’ve met your Prince Charming. You happily spend your weekends touring the home counties to find the perfect manor house where you will be treated as lord and lady of the manor for the day. Ideally, you’d love to get married at Blenheim Palace, but you’d happily settle for Morden Hall.

Mostly Bs — you are a modern bride who wants to incorporate the important aspects of a wedding into your day without being a slave to tradition. You carefully consider every choice, from your music to your menu, to see how you can put your stamp on it without scaring your less adventurous guests. You spend ages poring over celebrity wedding photos, and you’d give almost anything to get married wearing a Monique Lhuillier designer wedding dress.

Mostly Cs — you envisage a weekend wedding to rival George and Amal Clooney’s, and there is no length you won’t go to achieve it. Your budget is as large as it needs to be to create an unforgettable event that befits this momentous occasion. You never plan on getting married again, so why shouldn’t you have what you want? Your honeymoon is going to be as spectacular as your wedding, and you’ve already booked the North Island Lodge in the Seychelles to make sure of it.

Mostly Ds — you are not the sort of bride to be led by trends. Your wedding day will be as unique as your love story. You are eschewing traditional wedding gifts for your family and friends making a contribution to your day, with your bestie making your cake, your mum altering your wedding dress, and your brother-in-law lending you his classic car. If your local pub is too small to accommodate your many friends and family, your perfect alternative London wedding venue is somewhere like MC Motors.

It doesn’t’ matter if you’re a purist or a rock-chick, we can help you make your wedding dreams a picture-perfect reality. Contact us today.

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