Most Credible And Finest Carpet Supplier in Melbourne

Looking to grace your home or office by getting your floor covered with carpets. Don’t make haste in simply selecting carpet from any supplier when you have within your city the most reliable suppliers providing other services too in addition to supplying carpets. Maintenance of carpet, its re stretching, weaving etc too is frequently needed to keep it in good shape and best looks. Don’t just buy yourself a carpet instead buy you full maintenance and look after programme offered by most credible carpet supplier of Melbourne.


Perfect Melbourne carpet presents range of cheap and finest quality carpet giving new look to the flooring of your residential or commercial construction. We are established since 2012 and have been in direct contact with the customers as it has not only helped us to understand the needs and likes of customers directly but it has also empowered to provide the services at descent rate without involvement of in-between commissioning parties.

We are the leading carpet suppliers in Melbourne with no outlet anywhere in Australia. We present variety of carpets and also its carpet repairs, carpet stretching, carpet fraying, carpet seaming, carpet weaving, timber floor, carpet tiles and their installation. Our team also assist in making right selection of carpets or flooring for your premises as our team of expert knows what type of carpet and colour will suit your needs and would serve your purpose of carpeting.

carpet installation

Prompt services

We provide prompt services to our clients without any delay. Have the flooring within shortest and adequate time possible time. We maintain promptness in repairing and other services.

Reasonably priced carpets

Our all services are reasonably priced and clients can to their satisfaction confirm the prices of our products with the other carpet suppliers of the city. Our other services too are reasonably priced giving excellence to clients at lowest possible prices.

How to contact us?

Just browse our site and send your requirement. Our team will respond you as quick as possible with ideal quote. Compare our quote with other options so as to confirm our economical and genuine services. Respond to us on being satisfied with our quote and have the best carpets for your floorings.

Our services are open Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. Ping us your need any notch of the day during the above time prescribed and get immediate response with best quality services.

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