“Be grateful for the tiniest thing.”

When I was 16 years old I went to Costa Rica. I was part of a conservation program with my high school. We went to take care of turtles and make sure that their eggs were being made correctly. While I was there we stayed with a family.The mother cooked us a huge giant meal, a big giant thing every single night with all this amazing stuff, amazing food. In exchange I went out and bought a big bag of candy to give to her daughter. The mother started crying. She was just overwhelmed and kept saying thank you, thank you, thank you so much, thank you so much.
I was thinking, why are you thanking me? You fed us and gave us so much food. I didn’t really understand. When I thought about it later, wow, she is just that kind of person who is so grateful for any small thing and it taught me the same thing, to be grateful for the tiniest thing. If a kid gives you a piece of paper that’s huge, pay attention to those tiny things that people give you. That’s what can make you the happiest in life. 
Taking care, honoring the little things.
Working for this nonprofit, that helps girls, makes me get out of bed every morning and makes me want to do my job. I couldn’t have a job in an office where I sat and sold vacuum cleaners. This is something I have to be doing because this is the only use of my time that is going to actually make a difference; by doing things like this. I have sponsored a girl in Nicaragua. I speak Spanish so I can write her in Spanish which is great. She just turned eight, she likes science classes which is really cool. I used to teach nature and science at summer camp. I have been sponsoring her for almost a year now.

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