“Being different is an act of courage”

When I grew up I had green hair with pink stripes and all the colors of the rainbow. I grew up in a small, very conservative town, It was straight-laced and I got a lot of names thrown at my way.
I got put into a weird box and that just motivated me to put effort into what I was doing, my art and in my studies.
I used that energy and effort to pick me up and take me onto college. I got a full scholarship and then I went on to LA. In LA I realized I found my people, people who actually appreciated the courage to be different.
Being different is an act of courage, it’s being yourself wholeheartedly.
When I was little I had a whole bed full of stuffed animals. I would rotate them to make sure that everybody got some snuggle time. They all had names and personalities as do all my plants now
They were my comfort, my buddies.

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