“Even though you’re a lawyer, doctor you could still buy Jordans, you could still be flying”

I recently got invited to go speak at the Berkeley Art Center in Berkeley California. It was a career day. I Just turned 30 but I look a little younger. I look like I could be 25. I went to career day because it’s for Black History Month. I’m in there with a bunch of lawyers, doctors and I came and I had my street gear, …not my street gear but I’m from Harlem so I dress, I always fly. I had some Jordans on and my grills, my jersey and we’re going to speak to some kids so when we were first doing orientation, none of the other speakers were really friendly and open to me.
I definitely could see the double stares, they were black too, but whatever. It was cool. When we get in front of the kids none of the kids spoke to any of the other speakers, they all asked me everything. Everything! After the speakers warmed up to me, they were totally cool.
I got rejected by them but the youth accepted me and I was able to speak to all of them and get them to understand. We have to make education look cool to kids because education is not fun. You have to make it something relatable to them and let them know even though you’re a lawyer, doctor you could still buy Jordans, you could still be flying, you could still have a nice car.
Unfortunately this newer generation is a little bit more vain than the one before. It’s just the sign of the times, it happens you know. You still have to find a place where you can kind of communicate. I was happy, as I said I felt weird, I got the cold shoulder and when they saw all the kids warm up to me, I said this is why I purposefully came. It worked out perfect.
I do you have a stuffed animal in my life it’s a monkey. And he’s a pillow pet. I keep it in bed with me. When I’m home and when I see it I know to chill out, leave work at work and just relax. Little stuff that matter like your family, you can’t get any of that back. Your time is more valuable, so don’t spend too much of it at work.

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