“I broaden my horizons and I’ve embraced being different”

Being black and queer and growing up in South Central where are you’re culturally supposed to be tough and aggressive or be a certain kind away or like a certain kind of music and me being the total opposite of that. So it’s inspiring in the sense, to where I broaden my horizons and I’ve embraced being different and it’s made me a more well-rounded, awesome person.
I have a stuffed animal right now that is important to me. His name is Diego. He’s a green dragon with sad purple eyes. I got him because I was really into this guy but I don’t think he was really into me. Then he moved, we lived in the same building. I was really kind of sad about it and I saw this plush toy at the register who had sad eyes, like how I was feeling at the time, so I got him. I call him Diego after the guy I was crushing on. He is my comrade in life. Diego has that silly splash of color that makes me think that, you know, that things will be OK eventually.
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