“I don’t like putting people in boxes, stereotypes”

One of the big things that happens when you are a Latino in the United States… Spanish is such an integral part in feeling like you are accepted in a culture and in society. So if you’re Latino born in the United States, first or second generation whose parents decided not to speak Spanish to them when you go and meet with other Latinos they ostracize you. They look at you as if you are not good enough or what’s wrong with you. And it is something that my brothers and my sisters and myself had to deal with because our parents decided not to teach us Spanish. People even have said things like “oh I thought you were Mexican” or “I thought you were Puerto Rican”. I say I am… “but you don’t speak Spanish”. Your family cannot have that heritage if you don’t speak the language. It’s quite an interesting thing because my family is very very involved in the Latino community.
It is something that has really influenced me and I never wanted anyone to feel like that so I don’t like putting people in boxes, stereotypes, even if they don’t fit what the typical looks like.
When I was little I had this little dragon from Disney World. It was from Imagination Land and I am a director. It was such a big thing for me because this dragon basically told you to never lose your imagination and to always keep going. It was something I loved.

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