“I feel proud of myself for having survived”

My mother died when I was very young so when I was a teenager and a preteen I did not feel that I could relate to other children at all. I carried that around with me for a while. I thought that there was something wrong with me. I had to develop on my own because I didn’t feel like I was a kid any more.
When I got a little older I met people who had been through similar experiences and those became some of the most meaningful relationships that I have ever had, and I feel proud of myself for having survived things and glad that I am different.
I got introduced to a very difficult side of life and I got through it. I have been able to meet other people going through similar experiences in the present and have helped them.
I have an elephant and I have a little dinosaur. The elephant’s name is Fiesta. the dinosaur’s name is Littlefoot. Littlefoot is a Brontosaurus and was named after “The Land Before Time” dinosaur who lost his mother.

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