“I found a place to feel comfort and belonging”

I’m actually transgender. I’m a trans guy. I basically have to deal with the fact that, also as a cosplayer and at a lover of anime, I love to cosplay cute characters but often that puts me in a place where people misgender me, which is really damaging to my pride. It’s really difficult for me, for other people it may not be such a big deal. Becoming involved in cosplay and this community I have actually been able to find acceptance and feel a lot more open and more like myself. I can be more like myself around other people who share my passion for cosplaying and anime. In finding this unique culture I found a place to feel comfort and belonging in my own personal struggle.
I have met so many other cosplayers who also have gone through a bunch of problems or maybe had self-conscious problems and stuff like that. They get out there and show themselves to the world and it makes me feel like I don’t have anything to hide. All these people are just like me, I can also be out there too. I can also go for it and do my best.
I am cosplaying as Vocaloid which is actually software for voice synthesis. My characters name is Len Kagamine. He’s a singer and so am I.
I’ve had a stuffed dog since I was a small child. It’s in my bed every night. It’s always been one of my things I go to for comfort. It fulfills hugging needs first of all. And it makes me feel like I have something to go back to if I don’t want to be open with someone else. I can still feel like I’m not alone.

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