“I realized that the problem wasn’t me it was them”

I’m a fibromyalgia patient so a lot of my day-to-day life is just managing my illnesses and getting through the day. I’m also queer and a model. I was bullied as a kid just because I was different and I live with post traumatic stress disorder but that doesn’t stop me from pursuing my dreams.
When you’re different, kids just pick on you. For a long time it made me feel like I deserved it but as I got older I realized that the problem wasn’t me it was them.
Fibromyalgia taught me to slow down. It taught me that I didn’t need to worry too much about keeping up with other people and the pace that I’m going at is just fine.
I have a lot of stuffed animals. I have some on display and a lot on my bed. I used to have this little mouse puppet and I took it everywhere and it’s name was Snow. He was my little buddy, my little friend.

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