“I started doing whatever I wanted, tattoos and stuf”

It’s nothing really drastic but when I was six my mom died from breast cancer and it was kind of a thing where everybody in town, in my elementary school knew it and I was treated differently. People wouldn’t let their kids come over to my house because I didn’t have a mom, it was just my dad. I grew up in a really nice area so people were super protective so it was harder to fit in.
Because of that I never really fit in with the other kids. I’m a quiet person, didn’t have a lot of friends so I started doing whatever I wanted, tattoos and stuff.
I have a plush toy and I sleep with it every night. It is a random teddy bear that I have had since I could remember. It has a rainbow shirt kind of thing on it. For some reason when I was three I decided to name it Rainbow but then I decided to make it a guy. So I then said this is my boy, girly boy teddy bear but I was three and I didn’t know what that was. I feel weird sleeping without it more than a week which is weird because I’m 19.

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