“I won’t apologize for what I believe”

I’m from the Midwest, a very small conservative town. The town that I am in never had anybody but a republican for the city offices or county offices. You couldn’t vote for a Democrat, guess what, there weren’t any.
I kind of made the joke that I was the only Democrat living in my town. I don’t have one friend, seriously. Don’t know if I can even call them friends.
I’m big in education and this has caused me to become much more vocal in the political discussion because as my husband says “you can’t keep your mouth shut”. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes I get a little too passionate and I have to reign it in but I don’t back down and I won’t apologize for what I believe.
Doing the 2008 President Obama election a friendship ended with someone because of an email she sent to me and everybody. I thought it was so racist and condemning. I have never flashed back an angry email in my life and I did! I could not be silent.
I started educating people who were voting because they said stupid stuff like “my friend told me to vote for him”. This would drive me crazy. I would say don’t you read a paper, you didn’t watch the debates?
My family jokes that l’m the resident communist.

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