“If you do something no one else is doing, you’re strange.”

I grew up in a very small town on the west coast in Denmark which means there aren’t very many people in the town. I am 26 now and I am a full-time actor, professional film actor in Denmark.
When I was a kid it was pretty difficult to be what you want to be in a small town. “You want to be an actor, you can’t do that. It’s impossible here. Find something else”. I kept holding to my dream to be an actor so finally when I was 15, I made my breakthrough.
It’s funny today to see all my teachers. Some old guys from my school; I say look at me, I did it, finally. It is really hard when you are a kid to figure out who am I. If you do something no one else is doing, you’re strange.
I’m pretty proud, I stuck to it. And I didn’t do anything else. I have one way, I had the passion for it.
My mom and dad lived in Australia and they had some friends over there and they handmade a toy for me. It is a little bear called Wally. I still have him and I want to give him to my child one day. Wally gave me love. I gave him a lot of tears and a lot of hugs and a lot of love. A toy can’t speak but children have a very strong imagination, they think they can understand you. That is why I can’t throw him away. He knows too much and he’s very broken, not very cute anymore. It means too much for me.

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