“I’m going to embrace everything that I have on my body as far as my tattoos”

I am a single mother and I was raised by my grandma and my granddad. My granddad passed away, I don’t know my parents. I get judged a lot because I have tattoos. Everywhere I go they always stare at me and take pictures. It’s kind of annoying, even though a lot of people have tattoos. When you go into public places, like, nice places everyone’s always judging you. And whispering behind your back. I have this horrible tattoo in the back of my leg so I’m always having people taking pictures of it. It’s really embarrassing. It says “stay trashy”.
I realize I don’t care what people think. I’m an independent person. I grew up nicely, well I grew up without parents. Both my parents are drug addicts. I realize that I can’t be that person so I’m going to raise my daughter the way I wasn’t raised and I’m going to embrace everything that I have on my body as far as my tattoos, because that is who I am and that makes me a better person. I make my own money. I have my own job. I pay for everything myself. I never ask for anything. Compare to my life growing up to now, it makes me who I am.
My mom, before I stopped talking to her, 10 years ago, gave me a stuffed animal and it was a unicorn. Ever since then I have been obsessed with unicorns. That’s why I have a unicorn tattoo on my arm, a unicorn phone case. It’s really obnoxious. My spirit animal is a unicorn if it was real, because the one thing my mom has ever given me my entire life was a stuffed unicorn. I’ve never gotten rid of it. It’s name is Magic. He’s big and pink and sits in my room and he makes me realize that it doesn’t matter you don’t have to receive gifts in life. One thing that someone can give you will inspire you for the rest of your life. It will make an impact. I don’t care about gifts and stuff, I’ve never gotten them but that one stuffed animal unicorn is the best thing that has ever happened to me, obviously.

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