“It gave me a unique perspective on acceptance”

When I was younger I went to a Christian school and I did not adhere to those beliefs. I came off as being really strange to my peers and because of that I was isolated and that caused me as an adult, initially, to have problems speaking up for myself, making friends and doing the things that I wanted to do.
But after I had my daughter, at 19, it actually changed me for the better because it gave me a unique perspective on acceptance and people being different. I was able to pass that on to her so that she could be a more accepting individual.
When I was little I had stuffed animal named Honky bear. He had a weird nose that you could squeeze. I slept with it all the time. But we found out that I was allergic to it so we had to get rid of it, it was horrible. I didn’t understand until I was older that he was making me sick.

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