“It is about who can be the best person on the inside and reflect that”

As I grew up I grew up fat and was constantly rejected by all girls and all guys and it made it really really hard to think that I could fit in anywhere so I had my own thing going. I had a horse because he was my only friend, but little by little it taught me a lot about myself and how not to need to fit into a crowd which what helps me today in my acting career because every rejection I don’t take as hard or as personally because I’ve been rejected my whole life.
I also developed an eating disorder because I didn’t know the right ways to lose weight. I dealt with that but ones around me have been affected too, and it has helped me to help them. Tons of other girls have come to me for diet secrets now that they see me as having gone through something hard and have made a name for myself.
Basically it’s been a blessing in disguise even though it’s been the hardest thing to go through. Honestly I wouldn’t be the kind, caring person that I’m today.
I see people for what they really are and that is a lot of what our human world is missing with Instagram and with all of our social media. It’s all about how you can get the perfect picture, how you can look the best. But it is not always about that, it is about who can be the best person on the inside and reflect that on the outside. And that is a huge thing that I learned from growing up.
I do have a stuffed animal. He is my everything and I had him since I was born. My mom gave him to me. He went to college with me. I was the weirdo that when fire alarms would go off he would still be with me and my retainer would still be on. I’ve puked on him, he’s just my solid rock. His name is JC. Whenever I have a bad day, good day whatever, I turn to him, I sleep with him. If I don’t I can’t sleep.

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