“It kind of inspired me to want to finish college even more”

My family lives in Venezuela and my grandmother came here, I think not long after my mom was born. And they both kind of faced a lot of, I guess it would be, racism and stuff. They were rejected from a lot of things. My mom didn’t finish college because of the effects of that. It kind of inspired me to want to finish college even more and pursue anything I possibly can in America, for her I guess.
I have a stuffed animal and his name is Johan. It is a Pillow Pet that my brother got for me a long time ago. Me and my brother are really, really close. He kind of raised me. Johan kind of brings me comfort, I guess. My brother is one of the most important people in my life so whenever my brother is away for a really long time, if I don’t see him for maybe months at a time it kind of helps me remember that I still have a connection with that person.
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