“It’s everything that I’ve wanted it to be”

When I first moved to Hollywood I wanted to go to a community college, work on my own and learn about acting and pay my way through community college and my stepdad told me no, that acting is a hobby and that I should just enroll in a four year program with a bunch of money I don’t have. I just decided to prove him wrong. I came down here and did that. I got a job and enrolled in a community college and I’m just chipping away at a degree, slowly. And it’s everything that I’ve wanted it to be. I do auditions on the side and I have been working on a film with my friend and it is good. I’m looking forward to it coming out this summer.
I do have a stuffed animal not with me but in my home with my mother in Modesto. It is a stuffed raccoon. Its name is Rocky. Rocky was my nightmare defense go to.
Any night I woke up scared, Rocky …. That was that. A good night sleep after that.

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