“Looking at society from an outside perspective is reflected in my writing.”

I came up kind of attached to the more fringe cultures. Being an outsider was an attractive concept to me at the time, and rock ’n’ roll and this and that, but it never really had an effect on me until moving into adulthood at which point I had become a drug addict. Ten years of intense drug use and lots of in and out of jail, prisons and rehabs and all that stuff.

I am from Atlanta Georgia originally. But basically due to this lifestyle that I was leading it kind of forced me to learn skills, due to having a criminal record. I am a carpenter and that is something I pride myself on, and my father was a carpenter. I was kind of pushed into that direction due to the outside way of life I was leading. Some of the experiences I have been through have changed my perspective and given me a true and unique perspective. I’m a writer, I like to write and that of course helps with that. Looking at society and civilization from an outside perspective is reflected in my writing.

I had a Teddy Rexmond and a Charlie McCarthy dummy.

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