“My differentness and wildness inspires other people to be free”

The thing that’s been most inspiring recently in my life is going to Burning Man and that kind of opened up my creativity again. I love creating my own outfits and my own fashion and costumes. I’m a dancer and choreographer. I teach dance 6 days a week. People come to me to learn my steps, my moves my dancing. I’ve been teaching for 28 years. That’s all I do. I haven’t had a regular job for 28 years. My differentness and wildness inspires other people to be free and find their space in themselves. People come from a hard day of work and they want freedom and excitement. I bring a lot of joy and energy to people as well.
It’s a gift with my dancing and allowing myself to be different. I choreograph a lot of weddings, special wedding dances where people do non-traditional weddings, where they start off with a slow dance and break into like a hip-hop dance. I encourage other people to do their creative thing, not to do the regular thing. Being a little off center creates excitement and makes you feel good about yourself in return.
I use to collect stuff animals. I use to have so many I had to narrow them down. But now I have 4 cats. I think I should’ve stuck with the stuff animals. I was going through some challenging times when I started collecting them so there wasn’t really a favorite.
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