“Sometimes when rejection comes we don’t have to take it as a bad thing”

When I was in high school I tried joining a basketball team and I didn’t make the cut and I was really hurt about that. What I learned about that is sometimes those doors are that way for us. A month after I actually got accepted into the flag football team.
So I thought maybe this sport was not meant for me, for me to play.
I learned that sometimes when rejection comes we don’t have to take it as a bad thing maybe there’s new doors or things that will come our way, instead of being sad.
I do have a stuffed animal in my life I got it when I was about nine years old. It was the first time my mom took me to a
Build-A-Bear Workshop. Everybody had a Build-A-Bear except me. I was pretty happy that I finally got one. It is something that I cherish a lot. It was something that my mom got me.

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