Affordable Walk-In Tubs Built to Order

Walk-in tubs are ideal for small spaces, those with mobility issues, and people who will benefit from therapeutic baths. It is important to compare manufacturers before purchasing one. Some tubs are expensive, they may be made with inferior materials, and may not be certified as walk-in tubs. A certified walk-in tub has been tested by independent electrical and plumbing laboratories. Mass-produced bathtubs are identical, which means people have to adjust to the features available and make them work. A built-to-order tub allows more flexibility for customers. They can select a right or left-handed door and knob, pick out the hardware, and decide on additional features based on their wants and needs.

An example is the HD Series 3052 model from Perfect Walk in Bathtubs. Standard features include a one piece stainless steel frame, a five piece polished chrome faucet with a hand-held shower wand, and a “Sure-LOCK” door latch system. The capacity is seventy-five gallons of water that can fill the tub in less than ten minutes due to the high capacity faucet. A fast draining system means bathers will not freeze while waiting for the water to leave the tub before they can open the door. Available upgrades include a heated back rest and a choice of two different sanitizing systems. Wall kits for decoration, a slide bar for the shower wand, and a custom shower rod and curtain are some of the accessories offered. The tub is not manufactured prior to ordering, so customers get exactly what they want.

Therapeutic Perfect Walk in Bathtubs are also available at affordable pricing. The total cost is similar to a regular size whirlpool tub. Massage water or air jets are available as well as a combination of both. Customers can dictate where they want those jets placed within the tub. Aromatherapy tubs provide calming scents for relaxation and stress relief. Chromatherapy bathtubs, which offer twenty different colors, can be found either online or at one of the two showroom locations. Directed light is used for warmth in specific places to relieve arthritis pain, promote healing of skin irritations, or help to deal with other conditions. The ability to soak in a bathtub while sitting comfortably and not worrying about struggling to get out will make a huge difference in the quality of life, hygiene, and relaxation of owners.

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