A little advice to Claudia Boleyn

I agree with you, she comes across like she is an authority on mental health. To me she also comes across as someone who has a therapist who strings her along and is probably using it sometimes for attention.
Tumblr is not a great place, they are all saying they have mental health problems for oppression points.

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

I was linked to this video:

Don’t bother watching it, she spends the entire time complaining and there’s nothing new. But still, I’d like to address an indirect reference (or few, so ambiguous they are) to this blog and give her a little good advice, since she is missing certain things that should be obvious.

1. Your eyebrows are fine now. Really, they look normal now. The only reason I mentioned them before is to help you ease off on using too much product, a common error and one ugly girls encourage to scupper the competition. In this video, you actually look the prettiest I’ve ever seen you but needed to blend the eyeshadow evenly. Giving you good makeup advice isn’t bitchy, I was honestly trying to help and you can see the results. People who know this stuff usually charge and I was actually trying to help.

2. Anyone…

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Originally published at perfectlyfadeddelusions.com on June 12, 2016.