How to select the best leadership training courses?

Sep 17 · 3 min read

Any company, whether big or small, needs exceptional leaders to thrive. Common sense and numerous studies have confirmed that there is a direct correlation between the skill level of the managers and long-term profitability. Many books have been written and programs developed to increase a manager’s competency. However, with so many options, it becomes challenging to select the best leadership development program for your team in Atlanta.

Here are a few tips that will help to identify the best leadership training course — one that results in lasting improvements.

1. Decide what the deliverables you want to accomplish with the program. The performance and readiness of managers to perform their current and future jobs are dependent upon their proficiency with the knowledge, skills, and abilities that make up the foundation of leadership effectiveness. In the description of the curriculum, competencies the course covers such as delegation, interpersonal skills, managing conflict, solving problems, etc. should be easy to find and understand. By matching the focus of the program with the most needed skills in your organization, you will be able to make the first cut of programs that fit those needs and those that are not relevant.

2. Search among the programs that meet your needs and look for a program that focuses on shifting on the job behaviors and aims to develop the complex managerial skills necessary for success. Do your diligence to find a program that has a proven record of accomplishment at delivering tangible results. While, it might be tempting to have your managers attend lectures given by well-known thought leaders or attend workshops covering the latest management craze, but don’t fall into these traps. The glow from these programs is short-lived.

Analyze the structure and the overall design of the program and find out if it includes a leadership tool kit for your manager to use back on the job. The program should also include some Neuroscience of Leadership concepts that have been validated as effectual. Pay special attention to who the instructors are. Note whether they have experiencing leading organizations to exceptional results or have sat on the sidelines. Finally, look at the duration of the program. Short, one-time seminars seldom work, especially for developing complex skills or for shifting embedded behaviors.

3. Make sure the methodology used to develop your managers includes coaching, self-assessments, roleplaying, case studies, frequent touchpoints, and sequences the best practices into a process.

4. Don’t participate in programs that won’t increase the coaching, delegation, strategic thinking, or communications expertise of your managers. Additionally, check whether the program enables your participants to become skilled at fully engaging their teams and delivering exceptional results.

5. Benchmark your final list of candidates against the Summit Leadership Excellence Program. This leadership development program, held quarterly, in Atlanta is best in class. You should evaluate each option to find out how they stack up to their approach.

Partnering with a strategic and able partner to deliver and your leadership development program will take your people to new career heights and help them master critical skills. With the right selection, you will see a significant improvement in their performance and your culture almost immediately.