Top Reasons to Invest in Leadership Development Programs

Mar 27 · 3 min read

The most appealing organizations to work for, across all business segments, are those that maintain an effective and robust leadership development effort. These companies find it easier to “promote-from-within” and make great strides towards developing the right culture. The investment these firms make in their employees makes their business more attractive to top talent.

If you want to make sure your existing team is ready to handle critical assignments and key leadership roles down the road, choose a firm that has a track record of conducting well-designed leadership development programs. You will not only be preparing the next generation of leaders but also getting the immediate benefit of developing the types of leaders your organization needs now.

Here are some significant other reasons to invest in your employees by having them participate in the foremost of the premier leadership programs in Atlanta: The Summit Excellence Program.

Improve your bottom-line

Developing leaders reduces costs, drives new lines of revenues, fosters innovation, and enhances customer satisfaction.

A study conducted by Harvard Business Review and McBassi & Co. revealed that organizations that have practical and comprehensive leadership development programs in place deliver five times higher stock market returns than those that place less emphasis on human capital.

Attract and Retain Talent

Leadership development increases employee engagement and decreases costs associated with turnover.

When you offer a new role or expanded responsibilities to employees, they respond with royalty and engagement. Developing your people is far less expensive and disruptive than hiring new employees, as you can eliminate spending on advertisements, HR costs, recruiter fees, signing bonuses, etc. In terms of turnover, an ineffective manager, i.e., poor leadership, is the most common reason for employee exodus.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Many firms offer some form of Leadership Development in Atlanta, but Performex is the only local provider with a national reputation for delivering results. Our programs are a sound investment.

As per a study conducted by ICF, 86 percent of the companies that calculated return on investment indicated they had at least made their investments back: 20 percent saw an ROI of at least 50 times the initial investment, while a further 30 percent showed an ROI of 10 to 50 times the investment.

Improve Corporate Culture

Many of the leadership programs in Atlanta don’t result in lasting behavioral change or improved culture because they are not constructed properly. However, investing in high impact development programs sends a message to your employees that you care about them and their future. It inspires them to exceed performance expectations. Programs that have a proven track record of on-the-job success leverage neuroscience and behavioral insights to bridge the gap between knowing what to do and doing it. Good programs utilize multiple touch points, coaching, expert instruction, groundbreaking leadership tools, and other techniques that produce real change, boost morale, and transform even good organizations into ideal places to work. The leadership programs in Atlanta conducted by Performex® LLC, the leader known for getting results, create self-awareness, foster rapid skill mastery, and instill a commitment to excellence. Managers with these skill sets and behaviors reinforce your organization’s vision, mission, and values and become cultural role models.

Increase Organizational Agility

Engaging with a partner that has a proven track record of delivering superior Leadership development programs in Atlanta allows you to minimize travel expenses and time away from the job. Doing so will also help you navigate challenging times by elevating people’s ability to respond swiftly and expertly to unpredictable business scenarios.

Effective leadership is crucial not only during day-to-day business tasks but also in critical times such as accidents, drastic changes, corporate restructuring, workforce reductions, personal tragedy, and political upheaval.

Isn’t it Worth a Try?

We understand that there is much skepticism about leadership development in the business world. Too many managers have seen too many programs that did not produce lasting tangible results. You may even be one of the skeptics. However, for a moment imagine what would happen if you could increase the number of high potential candidates in our company without hiring new ones? What if you could help Jim become a more engaging leader? What if you could make all your managers better coaches? What if you could pack 3 years of experience into 1 year to prepare Ann for her next role?

The Performex Leadership development programs are noted for their high impact on-the-job performance and ability to create engagement. They are a benchmark against which to evaluate your internal programs.

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