CyberSecurity 101.

There are many like it, but this one is mine.

One of our core values at Fishtech CYDERES is “constant improvement” — in that spirit please consider this an early rough draft to be significantly iterated in the coming weeks, but because the question I’m most commonly asked is some variant of “how can I get into Cyber Security?” — and in the spirit of “if you’re not embarrassed by your MVP you’ve waited too long to ship” — here goes.

You may want to start with the excellent NIST NICE framework, available at:

Start by registering with Cybrary at

For additional context, the CEO of Cybrary had an excellent interview here:

if you don’t already have it, take a 101 level basics IT course that teaches you a bit of everything. Don’t pursue specific certification yet, although if you ace this it might be worth actually getting the certificate someday:

A+ is basically the 101 that will expose you to a bit of everything.

Sec+ is like A+ but focused on Security 101

CompTIA has great content around the certification as well:

Lots of interesting ways to go beyond there just in beginner level:

Some good random reading resources:

To take your security expertise to the next level: