What is the Best Way to Apply Perfume?

After buying perfumes for men online in India from a top brand, if you are not able to enjoy the fragrance for long hours, maybe it is time to evaluate your perfume using skills. Super expensive perfumes from top international brands are also not able to give you long hours of freshness if they are used in the wrong way. Using a perfume is an art very few have been able to master. If you are someone who just sprays on the perfume before stepping out of the house, leave that habit and follow these simple tips that will help you in bringing out the best of your perfume:

Apply on clean skin: Always apply your perfume on a clean skin if you wish to enjoy an unadulterated fragrance for longer hours. Clean skin tends to absorb the perfume molecules better than the one dirty with oil and dirt. Take a bath, wipe off and spray two spritzes of perfume from a distance for optimal coverage and you are good to go.

Don’t rub after applying: Some people are habitual of rubbing the skin after applying perfume. It might seem fine to do, but this habit can affect the perfume molecules. Rubbing the skin after applying perfume damages the perfume molecules, affecting the sillage as well as longevity. So, it is best to let the perfume dry naturally. To avoid skin getting damp, you can spray from a distance instead of concentrating it into a small place.

Less is more: If you are habitual of dousing yourself in perfume, it is time to stop doing it. No one likes to be around someone wearing too much perfume. It can get a little annoying and suffocating. Keep the numbers of spray to 2 or 3 max. This is enough perfume to keep you fragrant. The rule is to maintain your sillage up to an arms distance.

Moisturise well: Never apply perfume on a dry skin since it will evaporate very quickly. Apply a generous amount of moisturiser, preferably a non-fragrant one before applying perfume. With moisture, your perfume will have something to stick to, making it last for long hours.

Following these very simple tips will help you in enhancing the life and fragrance of your favourite perfumes for men. Buy a good quality scent from the popular trusted brand and enjoy the scent for hours attracting everyone’s attention around you.