I Don’t Own, I Uber
megan quinn

My experience — living the sharing economy full-time for almost 1,000 days now — is that I’m saving about 80% when I switch from ownership to access. This has been true for all categories except for Silicon Valley housing and health. In many cases the demonetization has been 100% as I either could drop the service completely (insurance) or access freely via the Internet (movies, music, books et cetera).

In reality, this means that what we experience is deflation not inflation, which is what all central banks are fighting by keeping the interest rates close to zero. I’m very interested in understanding how this deflation will impact the world economy once it reaches the tipping point when sharing combined with artificial intelligence becomes the new normal.

I’ve solved the problem with Silicon Valley housing and health by moving 3.5hrs south, to Mexico City, reaching my goal of cutting my expenses with 80%. In addition, I’m getting a new language, healthier food and a less busy life. :)

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