Workshop: The Fundamentals of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

I get a lot of questions on how Blockchain will disrupt industries, just like the commercial Internet started doing almost 25 years ago. So I’ve designed a half-day workshop for organizations that I’ll take on a first tour to Paris (September 4–7), Los Angeles (September 11–15), Mexico City (September 18–21), Buenos Aires (September 26–29) and Santiago (October 2–5) during September and early October. If you are interested in this workshop, send me an email. If you want me to swing by your city and company during the fall, let’s talk.

The workshop will include what Blockchain is and how it works, the fundamentals on cryptocurrencies, an explanation of ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and how to participate, the hottest Blockchain startups in the world, how Blockchain might disrupt your industry (from banking to health care, real estate and the nation-state) with plenty of examples, and how to start participating in the cryptocurrency world as an individual and organization. I’ll also recommend which newsletters, websites, communities and people to follow to stay ahead of the curve and accelerate the learning experience.

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Per Håkansson

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