The Mini Cooper S Clubman is affordable, drives like a gocart and offers lots of trunk space.

Increasingly frustrated by the broken car rental process I decided to consider car ownership after years of car sharing and rentals, and recently bought a used Mini Cooper S Clubman. I’ve been taking more road trips in California this year and when crunching the financial numbers I learned that I could cut my transportation costs considerably by having access to my own car. Especially if I also shared it between my road trips.

But the negative experience from owning a car over half a decade ago was still lurking in my mind: the expensive insurance, the parking tickets, parking in…

Playing around with a skull (una calavera in Spanish) at a artisan market in Mexico City. Skulls and death are being celebrated in the Mexican culture and not being perceived as scary. To many people’s surprise, Cinco de Mayo is an American holiday not really celebrated in Mexico. One of the biggest Mexican holidays though is Día de Muertos (October 31 to November 2).

I was fortunate to have my nomadic perspective challenged at a talk earlier this week. The perspective was that the lifestyle model I’ve designed — based on my perception that the world is shifting from being hierarchical to network-based — was immature, selfish and anti-society.

I’m deeply grateful for this challenge as it triggered thousand people (it became the talk of the day) to have a — hopefully — honest conversation about how they have designed their lives and I started to think about how I can better contextualize and explain what’s behind my current model.

Technology used with intention can create tremendous positive impact on both an individual local level and on a community global level.

The model I’ve spent the past decade in designing, living and iterating is based on the idea that technology used with intention can create tremendous positive impact on…

Earlier this year I decided to completely switch from fiat to cryptocurrencies. And when I switch I don’t just dip the toe, I jump in — ready or not.

Bitpay is just one of many cryptocards you can use to transfer your crypto currency into fiat currency accepted everywhere.

It began with switching from a bank account to a digital wallet. I quickly learned that opening a digital wallet is easy, closing bank accounts are hard. It has taken me months of back and forth communication with my old banks via email, fax and letters to get them to transfer my money. I also learned the hard way that the bank accounts are not mine, they belong to the banks.

The last check — yes you read that right — arrived today in my virtual mailbox. …

For the first time in the history of humankind, value and trust are being democratized. It is happening through a technology called Blockchain powered by a new currency called Bitcoin.

Blockchain is a new way of organizing everything from local neighborhoods and organizations to nation-states and economic regions through open source software using cryptography.

But instead of the current centralized, hidden and vulnerable system this new technology offers decentralized, transparent and distributed solutions accessible to everyone.

Think of it as the next logic evolution of the Internet (some call it Internet 3.0), after the digitalization of information, products, relationships, things…

I get a lot of questions on how Blockchain will disrupt industries, just like the commercial Internet started doing almost 25 years ago. So I’ve designed a half-day workshop for organizations that I’ll take on a first tour to Paris (September 4–7), Los Angeles (September 11–15), Mexico City (September 18–21), Buenos Aires (September 26–29) and Santiago (October 2–5) during September and early October. If you are interested in this workshop, send me an email. If you want me to swing by your city and company during the fall, let’s talk.

The workshop will include what Blockchain is and how it…

The fewer better things I use every day and have carried in my shoulder bag for the past 1,250+ days traveling across the world. I’m surprised that I’ve been able to thrive everywhere, come rain or shine, with just these few essentials. But that’s just it, they are essentials, well designed and thoughtfully made, built to last and easy to use for a life without borders or boundaries. They are more expensive than the average but last much longer than the mediocre. The bring joy every day and always work.

The Leica Q is the best travel and street photography camera I’ve ever had and possible ever made. I never go anywhere without it as it’s light enough to bring everywhere and too good to leave at home. (Photo credit Craig Mod — who inspired me to buy one after his fantastic review a few years ago.)

For the past ten years, I’ve been testing and trying close to every new fintech startup around focused on either personal or business banking. And unfortunately, most of them fall short for the simple reason that the banking system is dated and needs a complete disruption, from top to bottom.

The biggest problem is that banking is still designed around the bank and not the user, in everything from clearing transfers — which with Blockchain technology could take seconds instead of days or weeks—to communication via phone instead of simple messaging. The current banking system is designed to work against…

I’ve been merging with digital technology for the past twenty years, adopting everything new and integrating it into my life and way of thinking. This process has transformed how I relate to the world in all possible aspects. Technology might be neutral but the application is definitely not. You decide why what and how to apply new merging technologies for whatever reasons that resonates with your purpose, culture and being.

I wanted to merge with technology for several different reasons:
1. Curiosity — I’ve always been interested in the promise of new technology and wanted to explore first hand
2. Freedom —…

Cloud-based living is how you can reclaim your personal freedom.

Shifting from a location-based lifestyle powered by ownership to a cloud-based lifestyle powered by access is a pretty simple process.

The reason I began this experiment ten years ago was out of curiosity but over time I’ve encountered even more great reasons:

  • Owning fewer things frees up time, money and attention from the hidden cost of ownership (service, maintenance, repair, storage, insurance…)
  • Access to the digitized version of anything is always cheaper, often much cheaper which allows for a lower burn-rate and longer runway. On average, I have cut my monthly burn-rate by 80%…
  • Only owning what fits into a carry-on bag allows for location-independence which means that you can choose where you live and work based on budget and…

I use to store the things I still want to keep but don’t use on a daily basis.

If we switch the term digital nomad–which feels abstract and unattainable at times–to being cloud based, then it feels more accessible to all people. Being a digital nomad evokes imagery of continuous travels and hacking away on new projects in coffee shops across the world. It also feels somewhat disconnected and lonely which is far from the truth.

I’d rather like to use the term ‘being cloud based’ as I think it allows for a more accurate description. It’s not about being nomadic in the sense that you are constantly traveling, in reality you don’t need to travel at all. It’s really about switching perspective and organizational principle from hierarchy to network in how you live your life.

Today I believe that most connected people are partially cloud based by using email, Spotify, Kindle, Netflix and social media. …

Per Håkansson

Futurist at Future Swells, digital transformation expert, TEDx speaker, workshop facilitator and lecturer

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