You lost me on the math.
Vic Napier

The math is relatively straightforward. I just pointed out that unencumbered males and females have roughly the same fixed expenses which make up the majority of their expenditures. This way of thinking is second nature to a small business owner but for some reason it seems like rocket science to those who depend on a paycheck.

As for your other responses, I agree that there are many people who are disoriented and displaced by modern changes in sexual ethics and money and power differentials. My point was not focused on individuals or on any of that Red-Queen, Selfish-Gene, evolutionary pop-culture drivel (although it seems as if you’ve recommended some more solid sources, which I will check out. Thanks.). It only tangentially relates to incels, who are the sort of vicious resentful raging marginalized man who’s always been the Big Bad Wolf in the Dark Forest of liminal masculinity. I was speaking on a macroscopic, political historical level. Cultures are made of individuals, and a culture that fails to produce competent, whole, brave, and free individuals is doomed to be out-competed by cultures that can. We are verging on a world in which nation-states have vanished and the innate human freedom of association will create replacements which we can only dimly imagine. Those that do the best at nurturing their children (among other tasks) will survive; the others will decline.

As for your smart, good-looking, kind, and witty guys, I think you’re being disingenuous when you fault women who don’t want to date them. I don’t think mentally healthy males or females are usually interested in dating someone who’s insane, smart, good-looking, kind, and witty. And rightly so, since substance abuse and mental illness are not curable, and relapses tend to be extremely stressful on their romantic partners!