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You are not being a true foil-hat-wearing Conspiracy Theorist(TM) because you are not questioning your most basic underlying assumption, which is that Russia is your enemy. Assume otherwise, and you get:

Possibility: Trump stays in office for 8 years. Putin gets everything he ever wanted from America: A Russia with secure borders and access to the Atlantic Ocean becomes a prolific trade partner and offsets the negative effects on the US economy of Trump’s immigration restrictions and of his throwing out NAFTA and TPP. The EU disintegrates and ethnically Russian territories separate from non-Russian territories to join Russia. Russia becomes more middle-class and stable as its white-market economy grows, experiences a color revolution, and in turn puts bottom-up pressure on China and Turkey to liberalize their repressive social and political regimes.
Possibility: Trump is impeached. America is thrown into turmoil. Russia benefits. Not really sure in what way President Pence would cause America to be thrown into “turmoil”; more like martial law is my guess. But Pence is pro-NATO while Trump is anti-NATO, so Russia would definitely NOT benefit from a Trump impeachment. My conspiracy theory is that this, followed by war with Russia, was the CIA’s plan all along.
Possibility: Trump is impeached, but is not convicted. Again turmoil. Trump looks like a weak leader. Russia benefits.
A valid theory if we were at war with Russia. Let me remind you: we are not at war with Russia. Let me repeat that: we are not at war with Russia. What’s that you say? “Russia influenced our election!”? Let me remind you: we are not at war with Russia and they have a perfect right to use words to sway our elections. Have I mentioned that we are NOT AT WAR WITH RUSSIA?
Possibility: The legislature turns solid blue in 2018. Trump fights them on everything. As with Obama’s years running the country with an opposition-majority legislature, very little gets done. Russia benefits. Considering that the CIA and State Department were galloping towards war with Russia even before the primaries, when Obama was still in office, I don’t see much benefit for Russia here either. Team Blue has demonstrated that they are total CIA fangirls and it is really not in Russia’s interest to go to war with the biggest military on the planet.