Find your Pair Programming Chingu partner (using Timed-UP)

Timed-Up Logo

Having to deal with different time zones different life habits and backgrounds has always been a bottleneck in big open source communities when trying to find people to cooperate with. To solve these problems you can focus on the common free time you have with all the members of your team. Timed-UP lets you find your common time with one or more people in 4 easy steps. Timed-UP itself is a project created within Chingu! Here is how it works :

1. Login

The site is hosted in heroku in the following url:

Make sure to choose “Sign in with Slack” as shown below:

Choose your cohort team from the list that is going to popup, mine is Chingu-Rhinos in the example:

2. Add availability

After this you will be redirected to your Free Time Scheduling page where you will be asked to add free time. You should do that now and add the hours or minutes you believe that you will be available for the next ‘X’ days. Make sure you don’t try to add time in past date-times because it won’t work.

3. Make a Group

Okay now let’s make our first group ! Got to your Groups page and create one like so:

You will notice that in your friend list on the left everyone from your cohort team that has already at some point singed in the app is already there. No need to add them. Select your newly created group with a click on its name (it will go green) and start clicking on the names of the friends you want to add into it. That’s how easy it is to add members to a group!

4. That’s it!

Click on SHOW GROUP PAGE to go to your group and there it is. A list with all the people you have common time with. You can click on one or more of them. To find out what’s your common time with someone just tick the box next to their name.

You can now view all the individuals inside your group with which you have common time with. Any one of these could be your pair programming partner. There is also an option to edit your group (add or remove people) from your group page. All that is left now is to choose and connect with those people from within cohorts!

I hope this tutorial helped you ! For any extra information or questions don’t hesitate to contact me inside Chingu I’m @ periman or @ peris in the cohorts.