5 Games that I have Played and their Revies

Their are lot of games that I have played and each games has their own strategy how to entertain their players. As a requirement of our subject Game Development here are my 5 games that I have played and thier reviews.

  1. Super Mario — this game is one of my favorite game when I was in 7 yrs old, until now I’m still playing this game to relax and have fun. I dont know what’s in the game but when I play this game its makes me excited to save the princess. :D Super Mario is a turn-based games which means you have to wait for your turn. It can be played by two players “Mario and Louige”. It can be played through handheld and it has also a version for mobile.
  2. Plants vs. Zombies — I really love this game the design and the concept itself. I had so much fun playing this game but sad to say I had finished all the levels. :D This game is a computer based game and it is time-limited. You can play the game creating your own account or username. For me the elements of the game is Mastery.
  3. Farmdale — I also love farming games. It has something to do with planting, harvesting crops, upgrading tools and a lot more. You can play it using your smart phone also online using desktop computer or laptop. It is single player game and time-limited. The elements of the game are social interaction because you can chat or ask help from your neighbor’s, and it can also competetion for some players.

4. Candy Crush — is an online game and also has a version for mobile. Game that only match with the same candy and finish the level with a particular goal. Strategy game to finish the level, social intetaction for sharing and asking for lives. This game is real-time which means no interval for your turn.

5. Left4Dead2 — Is a computer based game. LAN-based multiplayer you can also play the game with single player. The player element of the game is competition for some players but for me the game is escapism. I used to play the game to relax and have fun.