Dana Perino: How I reset my heart, after a brutal election — My visit to Mercy Ships

Dana Perino
Mar 16, 2017 · 20 min read
Here is one of Timmy’s photos — I told you he was talented! Follow him on Instagram @TimothyBaskerville
Miss Beth, Mickey Mouse Extraordinaire!
This is Anna in her ugly Christmas sweater. Enough said.
Peter and his surfing buddies heading back to the ship after riding some waves.
Ready to scrub in…team husband and wife
The first patient who suffered from the condition for nineteen years.
I am honored to know Ashley and John Reeves — they do so much good in this world!
Every kid in the world knows how to swipe on a phone!
School children looking out over the ocean at the Gate of No Return
Honored to meet U.S. Ambassador Lucy Tamlyn. See how tall Caleb is!

Dana Perino

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Former White House Press Secretary to George W. Bush, author of And the Good News Is…, Co-host of The Five, Fox News Contributor.

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