An Update on The Periscope VIP Program

Hey Periscope Community, 
Since we first announced the VIP Program, we’ve been hard at work implementing the elements of the program into Periscope. We’re blown away by the number of people who’ve applied, the thoughtfulness of everyone’s applications and the feedback shared on the program itself.
Many of you shared with us that “number of followers” is not always the best indication of live content, and we agree. During the last few weeks, we’ve had multiple conversations on the program requirements and what we can do to better reflect what’s most important to our community. We believe that average live viewers per broadcasts meet that requirement. The live interactions and audiences you’ve brought together on Periscope are at the heart of what we do, and we will be focusing on those metrics to review applications. Follower count has been totally removed from the requirements. 
 The updated live viewer requirements for each level are:

  • Bronze: average 200 live viewers per broadcast
  • Silver: average 750 live viewers per broadcast
  • Gold: average 2,000 live viewers per broadcast

All levels in the VIP Program still require an average of two broadcasts per week, and all program members’ content and behavior must meet our community guidelines and terms of service. Requirements will be calculated based on an eight week rolling average.
With the focus on live viewership, more than one-third of broadcasters who apply to the program are accepted and the majority of people who don’t qualify are extremely close. This excites us because it revalidates that these new requirements are a better representation of what should qualify a broadcaster for the VIP program. We will review the new and existing applications on a bi-weekly basis. 
We will be replying to all applicants within the next week. For anyone who isn’t able to join the VIP Program at this time, we encourage you to keep broadcasting and growing your audiences. Thank you all for continuing to share your feedback with us, and helping to make the Periscope community better everyday. 
 Much Love, 
 Team Periscope