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Broadcast live from Twitter

Hey Periscope Community,

One of the best things about being part of the Twitter family is the ability to share broadcasts through a Tweet. Earlier this year, we announced the ability to watch Periscope broadcasts on Twitter, and we’ve been working to make that experience even better.

Starting today, you can start a broadcast straight from Twitter. Now when you compose a Tweet, you can tap “LIVE” which will bring you to the broadcast screen. And when you’re watching a broadcast on Twitter, you can tap in to join the audience. From there, it’s the same experience you know and love on Periscope, complete with hearts and comments.

From the map and global feed to featured and suggested channels, our apps and web player on Periscope.tv remain the best place to search and discover Periscope content. We hope you’ll find this to be an easier way to broadcast and join the audience — no matter if you’re scrolling through Twitter or Periscope.

This update will be rolling out on Twitter for iOS and Twitter for Android over the coming days. For more detail, check out Twitter’s blog. #GoLive

Much love,

Team Periscope and our friends at Twitter

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