Expanding the Super Broadcaster Program

Dec 1, 2017 · 1 min read

Since we launched Super Hearts earlier this year, our community has sent 20 million Super Hearts in support and celebration of their favorite broadcasters — that’s a lot of love!

For those in the Super Broadcaster program who can exchange their star balance for cash, Super Hearts have become a way to turn audience support into real-world value. We’re giving back as much as possible to our Super Broadcasters and have been working hard to expand the program to more broadcasters in our community. Starting today, residents in the Canada, Ireland, and the UK can apply to join the Super Broadcaster program.

We’ll be reviewing applications, working to sign up qualifying broadcasters, and will expand the program to additional countries as soon as we can.

Check out this page for more details on the Super Broadcaster program. Ready to apply? Here’s how.

Happy Super Hearting!

Team Periscope


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