Two New Ways to Get More Insight into Your Audience

Hey Periscope Community,

We’re introducing two new ways to give you more insight to your audience: a new tab to see how people are interacting with you and a dashboard for your broadcast analytics.

Activity Tab

The new activity tab brings forward different types of community engagement — for you as a broadcaster and for each of your videos. You’ll see different types of activities, including when someone follows you or when someone watches your replay, and we’ll continue to work on adding other activities in this tab. The activity tab is rolling out on both Android and iOS in the next few days.


Our new analytics dashboard gives broadcasters an in-depth look at their viewership and engagement on their videos over time. You’ll be able to see an overview of broadcast metrics, including video duration, viewers, hearts, time watched and time watched per viewer.

Additionally, some of these metrics will be broken down into live and replay to give you even more insight into your audience and how they’re watching your broadcasts. You can check out the analytics dashboard by logging in on and tapping on your profile; it’s available on web.

We hope these changes give you a closer look at the engagement on your videos and help you learn more about your audience. Let us know how these add to your experience, and share any feedback at

Much love,

Team Periscope