Super Hearts & Super Broadcaster Program FAQ

Jun 23, 2017 · 4 min read

Yesterday we launched Super Hearts and our Super Broadcaster Program. We’re thrilled to see the exciting ways in which our community is using Super Hearts! We’ve received some great questions since the launch and we want to address some of them here.

What is the difference between coins and stars?

Coins are purchased from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and represent a purchased virtual token. Coins can be exchanged for Super Hearts that are sent in broadcasts. These are tallied for the broadcaster as stars, which can be cashed out if you’re a Super Broadcaster. In short, coins are purchased, stars are earned.

Can I still give regular hearts?

Yes, you can still give regular hearts in the same way you always have! Super Hearts provide a new way to engage with and show support for your favorite broadcasters, but regular hearts are not going away.

What is the star value of a Super Heart?

Each of the Super Hearts carry a different value. When a broadcaster receives a Super Heart, it contributes to their star balance. The amount of stars it contributes is equivalent to its coin value (e.g. 111 coin Super Heart contributes 111 stars).

Super Hearts allow qualified broadcasters to monetize their content, and our objective is to learn from and iterate on this program to help them realize the most earning potential. After standard fees from in-app purchases and payment processing, we will pay creators around 70% of the remaining value. Changes in fees, foreign exchange fluctuations, and other factors mean that the effective percentage may vary.

Why am I not eligible for the Super Broadcaster Program?

Everyone can give and receive Super Hearts on Periscope! However, to be eligible for the Super Broadcaster Program, you will need to meet all of the requirements outlined here. Once you’re accepted into the program you can exchange your star balance for cash.

To be eligible, you must meet the 185,000 minimum star threshold requirement. Your star balance can be found by going to your Periscope profile and selecting Stars. Stars are only earned by receiving Super Hearts; they are not based on the regular hearts you’ve already received up to this point or any other factors.

Can I give and receive Super Hearts even if I’m not eligible for the Super Broadcaster Program?

Yes, anyone can give and receive Super Hearts. By default, Accept Super Hearts is ON in your user settings. Additionally, broadcasters can toggle accepting Super Hearts right before they go live from the pre-broadcast screen. You won’t be able to give Super Hearts to broadcasters who have turned off this setting. You can learn more about Super Hearts and how to give them here.

How is my star balance converted into cash?

To redeem your star balance you must be part of the Super Broadcaster Program. We outline how the cash out process works here.

If you have specific questions about your account, please email

When will the Super Broadcaster Program be open to applicants outside the US?

Currently, you must be a US resident to apply to the Super Broadcaster Program. We hope to open the program up to our international community soon!

Even if you’re not currently eligible to apply for the Super Broadcaster Program, you can still accrue a star balance when people give you Super Hearts. The star balance you accrue now can be put toward the minimum star threshold you need to meet to apply once the program is open to our international community.

What happens if I delete a broadcast?

When you delete a broadcast in which you received Super Hearts, you will lose all of the stars that you received during that broadcast. You also cannot accept Super Hearts if you have auto-delete turned on (to adjust this visit Settings > Your Broadcasts > Turn Off Auto-Delete After 24hr), but we’re working on a solution for broadcasters who want to keep auto-delete on as their default setting.

That said, we just introduced a new feature that allows you to ‘Hide’ your broadcasts instead of deleting them. You can learn more about how to hide your broadcasts here.

Is there a way to hide my broadcasts without losing the stars I’ve earned?

Yes! You can now hide a broadcast, so only you can see it, by visiting your broadcast’s info panel and tapping Hide Broadcast. When your broadcast is hidden it will have a hidden broadcast icon in the upper left corner of the broadcast cell on Android and in the middle of the cell on iOS.

You can always unhide your broadcast by revisiting the info panel and selecting Unhide Broadcast. When you unhide a public broadcast, it will be visible to everyone.

If you earned stars in a broadcast, you will not lose the star balance you accrued when you hide it.

Can I receive Super Hearts on a Periscope Producer broadcast?

If the stream is published through our iOS or Android app using manual RTMP inputs, you will have the option to turn on Accept Super Hearts.

This feature is currently not available for Producer broadcasts created on web or natively through one of our API Partner services.

Let us know if you have additional questions by tweeting to us @PeriscopeHelp or writing to us at


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